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Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

Sample 4:

Sample 5: TCSP license holder's sample (Some institutes, like some Euro banks, accept TCSP license holder issuing certified true copy)

(can consider add TCSP license number)

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Most simple:

CR's certified true copy:

BR's certified true copy:

Bank's certified true copy:

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discussion on who's suitable certifiers

Different purpose may refer to difference source (in practice, receiver accepting what kind of issuer is key point), we are referring to: 

1st, Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing [September 2016] issued @ hkma.org.hk [document's link]

Paragraph 4.12.4 Suitable persons to certify verification of identity documents may include:

  • (a) an intermediary specified in paragraphs 4.15.8, 4.15.9 and 4.15.10; 
  • (b) a member of the judiciary in an equivalent jurisdiction; 
  • (c) an officer of an embassy, consulate or high commission of the country of issue of documentary verification of identity; and 
  • (d) a Justice of the Peace.

Paragraph 4.15.9 SVF licensees may also rely upon the following categories of domestic intermediaries:

  • (a) a solicitor practising in Hong Kong; 
  • (b) a certified public accountant practising in Hong Kong; 
  • (c) a current member of The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered 59 Secretaries practising in Hong Kong; and 
  • (d) a trust company registered under Part VIII of the Trustees Ordinance carrying on trust business in Hong Kong, 

provided that the intermediary is able to satisfy the SVF licensee that they have adequate procedures in place to prevent ML/TF.

Note for what's trust company: https://www.cr.gov.hk/en/publications/docs/22-e.pdf (Not the TCSP license holder company)

2nd, SUPPLEMENT TO THE GUIDELINE ON PREVENTION OF MONEY LAUNDERING [July 2010] issued @ hkma.org.hk [document's link]

Paragraph 6.8 A suitable certifier will certify that he has seen the original documentation and that the copy document which has been certified is a complete and accurate copy of that original. The signature and official stamp of the certifier should be placed on the first page of the copy document and the number of pages should be recorded. A suitable certifier will either be the intermediary itself or:

  • (a) an embassy, consulate or high commission of the country of issue of the documentary evidence of identity; 
  • (b) a member of the judiciary, a senior civil servant or serving police or customs officer in a jurisdiction that is a FATF member or an equivalent jurisdiction; 
  • (c) a lawyer, notary public, actuary, accountant or a chartered secretary in a jurisdiction that is a FATF member or an equivalent jurisdiction; or
  • (d) a director, officer or manager of a regulated financial institution incorporated in, or operating from, a jurisdiction that is a FATF member or an equivalent jurisdiction.

Sample for the number of pages should be recorded:

3rd, can see paragraphs 620.13.7 & 8 of Guidelines on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing for Professional Accountants issued @ HKICPA [document's link] (no copy here).

For apostille, please see point 22 of http://www.hkaudit.net/?qa=144/company-secretary-practical-miscellaneous-points-summary

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