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An application for restoration of a dissolved company should be made by a person who was a director or member of the company and within 20 years after the date of the dissolution of the company.
The application will not be granted unless the three conditions specified below and any other conditions that the Registrar thinks fit are met –
(i) the company was in operation or carrying on business at the time its name was struck off the Companies Register;
(ii) if the company has any immovable property situated in Hong Kong which has been vested in the Government as bona vacantia, the Government has confirmed that it has no objection to the restoration; and
(iii) the applicant has delivered to the Registrar the documents that are necessary to bring up to date the records of the company kept by the Registrar
The Applicant either:
was the sole member of the Company; or
is authorized by all members of the Company to make this application. Certified copies of their written authorizations are needed.

All the Annual Return, ND2A, NR1 and documents to be submitted will be prepared by us, and The Applicant is required to sign and send the original back to us.

Whether your company can be restored depends by the decision of the CR and your documents.

The Registrar may strike off the name of a company from the Companies Register where it appears that the company is not in operation or carrying on business or where, in the case of a company which is being wound up, the returns required to be made by the liquidator have been outstanding for 6 consecutive months and it appears that no liquidator is acting or the company’s affairs are fully wound up.

Resources for Administrative Restoration:

CR's guidance note for Application for Administrative Restoration: https://www.cr.gov.hk/en/companies_ordinance/docs/Guide_AdmRestor-e.pdf (at Annex has necessary forms for the application)

Full guidance by CR: https://www.cr.gov.hk/en/companies_ordinance/faq_dereg-restor.htm#06

Supplement to the guidance: 

1. [authorization letter for member to authorizing applicant]

2. [application form in word] - also can be found in Annex of CR's guidance note.

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Striking off

if the Registrar has reasonable cause to believe that a company is not in operation or carrying on business, the Registrar may strike off the company's name off the Companies Register

  • send inquiry letter to the company at its registered office/to the care of an officer of the company/to each founder member whose name and address are known to the Registrar,
  • publish in the Gazette a notice that the company's name will be struck off to the Companies Register and at the end of 3 months after the date of the notice, publish in the Gazette a notice indicating that the company's name has been struck off

the Court may, on application by the Registrar, strike off name of a company not appropriate to be wound up.

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Samples for documents about strike off:

If has objection:

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Notification of restoration:

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Company Ordinance sections covering strike off:

Section 752 Dissolved company’s property vested in Government

Section 753 Disclaimer of dissolved company’s property (by Government)

Section 756 Liabilities of directors etc. of dissolved company continue

Section 757 Registrar may act as dissolved company’s or liquidator’s representative

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