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Authorization letter template:

<Company Letter head>

[Company Name]

[Company Adress]


To: [The Magistrate]

      [Eastern Magistrates’ Courts]

      [Eastern Law Courts Building]

      [29 Tai On Street]

      [Sai Wan Ho]

      [Hong Kong]

Letter of Appointment

Re:       ABCFG TALENT LIMITED (“the Company”)  
Case No. [ESS]#####/20XX

I, [Flyter], the sole director of the Company, hereby appoint [Bingo man] of HKID card no. M######(#) to represent the Company to appear at 11:00 a.m. in Court No. 2, Eastern Magistrates’ Courts on DD MMMM 20XX.

Yours faithfully

                                  (with Company Round Chop)


Sole director

[Signature to be consistent as that of Profit Tax Return, the admin of the Court may cross check on gov system.]

[Company secretary probably can't sign this letter.]

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Reminder: except the representative's ID card, better also bring Annual Return of the Company to demonstrate the director is the director of the Company.

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Court Summon sample:

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Question 1: If I already submitted the Profits Tax Return after receiving the Summons to Defendant, can the Summons to Defendant be cancelled?

Answer 1: Yes. You can call the tax officer in charge and ask if he/she can cancel the sue. But the call should be made at least 3-4 weeks before the court date.

Question 2: any other more legally regulatory form can be used?

Answer 2: can consider using "The Power of Attorney", more details please see http://www.hkaudit.net/?qa=48/agreement-to-provide-nominee-director-attorney-service

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